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What Was Lost
Jean Levy

Sarah has no memories. She just knows she was found, near death, on a beach miles from her London home. Now she is part of a medical experiment to see whether her past can be retrieved.

But bad things seemed to have happened before she disappeared. The police are interested in her hidden memories too. A nice man she meets in the supermarket appears to have her best interests at heart. He seems to understand her - almost as if he knows her...

As she fights to regain her memories and her sense of self, it is clear that people are hiding things from her. Who are they protecting? Does Sarah really want the truth?


"An unsettling psychological thriller and compelling mystery."
Olivia Kiernan, author of Too Close To Breathe

"This was a very good debut by the author... Definitely recommend for anyone who is a fan of psychological thrillers."
Books Bucks & Beyond

"[Sarah] was certainly clever, quirky and mysterious – I was desperate to know how the story unfolded. And OMFG – when it did….BOOM! Would I recommend this book? That would be a definite HELL YEAH!"
Crime Book Junkie

"For me it was a clever and different take on the psychological thriller, written beautifully and plotted in a gentle, darkly realistic feeling manner and it was a fully immersive read that I loved."
Liz Loves Books

"This is a beautifully written book. Full of secrets, intrigues, suspense, and mystery it is a psychological thriller that keeps you guessing."
Live and Deadly


"A cleverly written book that will be enjoyed by those who are interested in the games that the mind plays... you will be compelled to read to the very last page."

Lizzie Sirrett, Promoting Crime blog

"What Was Lost is a gripping novel which caught my attention right from the start."
Snazzy Books

“This book is gripping from the outset. Totally intriguing and sucks you right in. Riddled with unreliable narrators (which we all know I absolutely adore in a book!) it keeps you fully on your toes at all times.”
Bookish Chat

“Overall, I feel like all other crime and thriller writers need to take note. This is some seriously talented writing, plotting, characterisation and description. The standard has been set from here on out.”
Romantics, Rebels and Reviews

"Engrossing, compelling and fascinating until the very last sentence, What Was Lost is a clever debut by a talented writer whose love of language and creativity shines through with every well written word."
Jaffa Reads Too

"A highly recommended read from me and one you might want to set aside some dedicated reading hours for – once you start it’s hard to stop!"
I Loved Reading This

"This is a well written, interesting novel that captures the narrator's predicament effectively and with skilful prose. Levy's writing is assured, confident and engaging."
Bibliomaniac UK

"What Was Lost is a compelling literary read - an in-depth multilayered psychological thriller based on science that's designed to question, explore and entertain."
On the Shelf Books

“I whipped through What Was Lost, a thrilling story of Sarah and the amnesia she endures. I was hooked from the opening ‘episode’.”
Elementary V Watson

“This book was so fascinating and a gripping read.” 
Nellie Pom Poms

“A high quality debut novel that promises much from the opening pages, packs a punch and more than delivers.”
Andy Wormald Books

"I absolutely loved What Was Lost; it is an intriguing and intelligent psychological drama and I wholeheartedly recommend it."
Hair Past A Freckle 

“What Was Lost is a highly gripping, intriguing and powerful read... Very, very impressed!”
The Writing Garnet 

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