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Poetic Justice (D.I. Jack Dylan: Prequel)
R.C. Bridgestock

When Detective Jack Dylan heads home to his wife after a residential course, he has no idea that an extraordinary succession of events is about to turn his life upside down. A vicious, unprovoked personal attack is just the start. The discovery of his wife's death in a road accident also reveals her affair, and his step-daughter is being expelled from university for drug use. Professionally, two teenagers have gone missing and one is soon found dead.

An ordinary man might break under the strain, but Dylan is no ordinary man. He knows that his survival depends on him carrying-on regardless, burying himself in his work, relieved by the distraction of newcomer to the admin department, Jennifer Jones. 

His determination to pursue the criminal elements behind the events - both personal and professional is to be his salvation, and his relationship with Jen, his 'Guardian Angel', will turn out to be the mainstay of his future, both within the Force and at home. 

Life may have changed, but nothing will stand in the way of Dylan's determination to seek justice.


"Poetic Justice is a dark tale that intertwines high stakes mystery with personal tragedy. Detective Jack Dylan manages to retain his humanity in the face of terrible adversity in a story that brims with authenticity."
Adam Hamdy, author of the Pendulum series

"Rings with a sure touch of insider authenticity."
Adrian Magson, author of the Rocco series

"A multi-faceted page-turner. The perfect way to meet Jack Dylan."
Alison Bruce, author of I Did It For Us

"Poetic Justice combines gritty realism with real heart."
Ashley Dyer, author of Splinter in the Blood

"Poetic Justice is crime fiction gold, with secrets, lies and tragic consequences. This is the authentic voice of the police procedural; crime fiction written by experts, who have lived through the real thing. R.C. Bridgestock always deliver a cracking story with an expert's insight."
Howard Linskey, author of The Chosen Ones

"A terrific read. The Bridgestocks are an authentic voice in crime literature and created a compelling character in DI Jack Dylan."
JD Fennell, author of the Sleeper series

"A fast-paced, high-octane read."
Paul Burston, author of The Closer I Get

"A cracking read - fantastic story embedded in authentic police procedure."
Helen Pepper, forensic specialist

"Draws you in from the first page - one of the best crime novels I've read in years."
Adam Croft, author of Tell Me I'm Wrong

"One of the best 5* police procedurals you'll read this year... Wonderful to read some of Dylan's backstory, a gutsy and heart-wrenching read. If you want to read a police procedural written from an expert's point of view, then look no further than Poetic Justice."

AMW Book Reviews blog

"Poetic Justice is the authors best book to date.... Poetic Justice is an enthralling, page turner of a read that held some surprises and had me an emotional wreck in places."
By the Letter Book Reviews ​blog

“Their expertise in policing matters also shines through in this compelling and authentic story.”
Random Things Through My Letterbox blog

“I really enjoyed Poetic Justice. It’s gritty, atmospheric and full of drama. It’s only fair to warn you that by the end – like me – you’re likely to be adding the other books in the series to your wishlist!”

What Cathy Read Next blog

“This is a realistic portrayal of police life within a domestic setting. ‘Poetic Justice‘ has truly hooked me on Jack Dylan.”

Elementary V Watson blog

"I loved Poetic Justice and am most definitely a new recruit to #TeamDylan... with such well-crafted, considerate characterisation, a compelling and emotional plot - I was moved to tears at times."

Hair Past A Freckle blog

"I absolutely loved this story from start to finish... Having read Poetic Justice, I have to say that Jack Dylan is now my new hero."

Jaffa Reads Too blog

"This is a police procedural with incredible depth... 5*"
Anne Bonny Book Reviews blog

"The experience and in-depth knowledge of Bob and Carol Bridgestock shines through every chapter of this absorbing read. I thoroughly recommend you read it. I am so happy I did. The Dylan series is a keeper."
Jane Risdon blog

"Poetic Justice is the perfect read for new fans of the series and for those who are already big fans of this series, it’s a worthy addition to the Jack Dylan series."

Review Cafe blog

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